There are two parts to this week’s assignment. 
  • Redesign a airline boarding pass. If you are comfortable with or want to challenge yourself with Illustrator, download the .eps file and open it in Illustrator. Come to next week’s class with a printed copy of your boarding pass as well as a digital copy posted to your blog.
  • Create 3 expressive words. An expressive word is one that manipulates the word’s letterforms to communicate the meaning of the word. 

Part 1: Airline Boarding Pass Redesign

I redesigned the boarding pass keeping the customers attention  on the three main components: gate number, boarding time and seat number. That is pretty much all you need to focus on if things go well and the gate is not changed last minute.  I used a frame around those elements and bold letters to achieve this. In case the gate gets changed, the flight number is highlighted on top to help navigating to the updated gate number. The arrows should emphasize the flow of action involved in taking a flight. Go to gate, board the plane at a certain time and sit down. I kept everything pretty simple and conservative, as this ticket should appeal to a very diverse user group and would be printed with a low resolution.

Fonts used: Helvetica Bold, Helvetica Light, Helvetica Light Oblique.


Part 2: Expressive Words

I chose the three words "void", "pan" and "loan". I liked the boldness of common associations with the words "void" and "loan". "Pan" was probably a random choice as I saw a pan in our kitchen and thought of visualizing the typical shape of a pan with the letter "p". I used illustrator for creating these expressive words.