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Create a simple experimental scene in Unity and place your created character in the scene. Create a surreal, experimental or musical sequence either puppeteered live or rendered out as an application.


I created an experimental game in unity called "sisyphus". The player has to roll a huge stone downhill, uphill, through rocky valleys, desserts and on bizarre concrete structures. 

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I created the world structures, elements and terrains by hand, the player character is based on a mixamo-shape with custom textures from different assets. 

I used concrete textures on the main elements of the world including the sphere that has to be rolled. This should add visual weight and stand in a stark, brutalism - inspired contrast with the fleshy and vulnerable looking muscular appearance of the main character. The terrain features sand textures and varies between bright brown and warm red in the final rendering. In combination with the bright skylight this should invoke a dessert feel - the player/audience should feel the heat while rolling the rock around.

The formal language of structures and elements is inspired by the metaphysical/surrealist art movement around Giorgio de Chirico from the early 20th century:

(image source:  wikimedia )

(image source: wikimedia)

I tried many times to finish the game (it goes back up to where it started, staying with the main theme of purposeless hard labour), but still have not managed it.

Here a few video-playthrough attempts to show the basic looks and functionality:



The controls feature walking in all directions and a push mode that can be activated with a click on the space bar. Some of the colliders are in various angles a bit off - nevertheless in most situations the player can control the rock relatively easily.

The camera is rigged to the head of the main figure to have a more realistic view of the action - it adds a small bit of camera shake to the game to achieve these looks.

The game was a lot of fun to build - I would love to continue with it at a certain point in time. I should try to play it through to the very end at first though.