Shoot a stop motion animation that tells a short story in 30 seconds or less.

Chosen type of animation: "abstraction".


Our first idea was to explore the relationship between paper, geometry and shadows. We planned to use paper-shadows instead of real shadows and tell the story of an abstract geometric shape that decides to leave behind his comfort zone and family by separating from his real shadow. We tested the setup and realized that cutting the real shadows would require too much time and a nearly flat lighting to eliminate the real shadows.

After a few test shots we decided to modify the idea. We still wanted to tell a story with paper that comes alive, but in a more direct way: A piece of paper gets folded against its own will, resists the folding and finally fights its oppressor, a hand. 

We used Dragonframe as software, a Canon Mark II 5D with a zoom lens as camera and two fluorescent barndoor light panels angled on two opposite sides of the canvas for our photography setup.

The sound was recorded in post with a Blue Snowball microphone in Adobe Audition, assembled and edited in Premiere Pro. 

The materials appearing in the animation are a white foam-core baseplate as background and a blank white index-card.

After a first ideation meeting, we experimented with the initial setup of camera and lights for about 3-4 hours, the final shooting took another 4-5 hours. Recording and editing was finished after about 2 hours.