(second version)


(first version)


Create a short animation in After Effects that has a primary character and tells a quick story 1-3 minutes.


We wanted to animate album covers starting from Nirvana Nevermind to David Bowie’s Black Star. The baby from the Nirvana album should travel through music albums from around that time and interact with characters/scenes in each cover: Storyboard

We started with a few rough sketches:

After aiming initially at 24 animated album covers, we quickly realized that this would take far longer than expected. We had already finished the music mix that tried to stay roughly within the 3 min time limit of the assignment and was precisely timed at the first album animations. Due to  the meltdown of my aged but trusted macbook-air three days before the deadline for the assignment we had to cut the animation short to 1 minute and fewer albums than planned. 

For the second version we were challenged by the tight mixing of the music - slowing down the narrative was not an option so we added an intro instead that tells the story of a possible breakup: A voice speaks to his ex-partner on the phone and negotiates part of the record collection. Music is always about memories, that was the inspiration for this intro sequence. The main after effects animation is still very fast, the albums and the music moves fast from one to another. We added a few frames to the end to extend the animation to a few more albums - still far away from our goal to animate 24 albums of the year from the release of the Nevermind-album until now. 

For a proper version of this animation we would possibly start from scratch again and extend the movie to about 6-8minutes. This was not possible for this assignment given the maximum length of 3 minutes for the animation.