Create a postcard for the ITP show

For next week please create a card/poster for the ITP show. Think hard about the story you are trying to tell about ITP. Make your card more than simply a statement of the details about the show. The slides from this week’s class may help you think about a compositional strategy.

You can use illustration, color blocks, icons, photography–whatever you feel captures the spirit of ITP and will entice people to attend.
The faculty are interested in a card that communicates the human aspect of ITP.

I wanted to illustrate the intersection between the human body and technology: We are the interface. Technology is augmenting our abilities to interact with our environment. Our senses are connected with machines, this connection helps us to gain new perspectives and understand our world better. 

I focused on two body elements: skin and hands. Our skin covers all of our body, we cannot control its sensory reach but feel our environment and understand space. Our hands reach out to our environment in a controlled way and add another dimension to our understanding of the world: time. 


At ITP we explore space and time in relationship to our bodies every day with the help of technology. 

I roughly stuck to the rule of thirds in my composition. The colors should add some depth (darker green / turquoise) and highlight the important aspects: the bright yellow wires connect human and machine, the message is glowing in white underneath the skin. The real image of the arm in the background is visible in a very muted and subtle way - its size has already enough weight in the composition. The attention of the viewer is drawn to the the wires and the header, a minimalistic setup minimizes distractions.  

To get to the final result above I watched Illustrator tutorials on clipping masks & neon glow. I went through many iterations, playing with the overall looks: more edge, less edge, color variations, different background images of arm and hand, different hand-drawn objects. I finally decided for the arm and hand in combination as it looked more powerful than just the arm. (1).gif