Summer Internship 2018 Recap: Havas New York

For my summer internship 2018 I worked at the advertising agency Havas New York in the creative team for a corporate client as AI-researcher: For two and a half months I was exploring machine learning techniques for rapid prototyping with existing neural networks.

As this was client based work I will add results of my work to my portfolio once it is publicly available.

As part of my internship I worked as well on an intern-project for a non-profit as creative technologist.

I thoroughly enjoyed my work at Havas New York, it was a great learning experience that helped me to clarify my focus for the next year in school: I want to explore machine learning on a deeper level, clearly understand the maths behind it and start building my own models and networks.

I am currently enrolled in the Udacity course “AI programming in Python” that covers the math basics and combines it with the necessary libraries in Python to build networks from scratch at a lower programming level. I hope that this course will reinforce my existing Python knowledge, help me to understand neural networks from a mathematical perspective and give me a solid background of the model mechanics when using higher level APIs in Tensorflow or PyTorch.

Thanks Havas New York for giving me such a great opportunity to use my machine learning skills in an agency landscape and especially Ali Madad, Marc Maleh, Marc Blanchard, Joseph Delhommer and Nick Elliott for their guidance and mentorship.