Thesis Week 7/8: Quick And Dirty Show Takeaways, Next Steps


At our ITP Quick & Dirty Show I tried a new setup that involved some user interaction. This meant a different direction to the original setup as an art piece. I wanted to see if people would be interested in interacting with the piece more directly or wanted to be silent observers.

In that case, the users where required to drag the piece of fabric over the honey-pond instead of a robot arm doing it.



*leaking is an issue - at the end of the 2 hours the pond leaked on 3 sides as the honey water pressure from moving the cloth affected the seals

*in case I want user interaction there has to be immediate feedback to the users - people did not understand how their actions affected the simulation

*people wanted to see the animation as well

*some people thought the honey water is a digital simulation

*the question came up if there is a way to let the agents "break out" of paradise - how do they perceive the world then?

*nobody understood why I would deconstruct the simulation

*a long artist statement would be necessary and wanted(one visitor referred to the long statements of Ian Cheng and his simulations)

*people liked dragging things over a digital screen through thicker liquids

Other Developments

No lead on the venue yet (Barak, Tong & I contacted a space in Manhattan about two weeks ago, so far no feedback)

Takeaways/Next Steps

*Building a real size structure doesn't make sense without a venue housing it -> I will continue working on a small version of the installation piece, as a small devotional device in a nice housing, more of a design piece + render out a digital version of it

*I want user interaction for both versions now: I have to improve the feedback for both the digital version and the small physical devotional object - waiting for "exile" to pop up takes too long and people get bored.

To think about and decide asap:

*I have to decide if I want an extension of the piece into real life: based on the user feedback, should the agents be able to break free, meaning generate their own worlds after being exiled? I could build an image generation into the piece, or let them roam as "robot" cars on the floor

*I might think about using a screen + a honey simulation instead of real honey for the devotional device - users will drag cloth over it, or swipe a real cloth, this will trigger simulation